Business Protection

What would happen if your client’s business lost a key employee, or a key shareholder?

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Many businesses try to protect themselves against every eventuality – buying insurance for their buildings, fixtures and fittings, stock, and vehicles.

Often overlooked when protecting your business the most importing thing – protecting your people – is an essential part of business continuity.

Although as a business owner you cannot prevent ill health or tragedy, you can prepare to protect the consequences of such things happening in the future and these preparations could be the best business decision you ever make.



Keyman Insurance

Losing an essential key person to illness or death can derail a business, affecting profits, product development and timelines for essential projects. Insuring these people for what they are worth at a cost that is right for the company is where the experts at Roxburgh come in. Our Advisers help you with the nuances of the key man insurance market and help you to implement plans effectively.


Shareholder Protection

What would happen if one of your shareholders died or was taken sick with a serious illness? Would you be happy to enter a business partnership with the deceased shareholders family? Would the family be happy to be in business with you? Extremely tough questions to answer now, tomorrow and when and if the worst happens.

A shareholder protection plan answers these questions by providing agreed purchase value (the sum assured) that the remaining shareholder(s) can use to buy the deceased family share of the business.


Our experts at Roxburgh Financial Management who deal with business protection each have more than 10 years’ experience in the industry so that we are able to guide you through a process that if not done right can prove costly.

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Six reasons to use us

  • We put our client’s needs above all else
  • We are 100% independent
  • We understand how important these decisions are for you
  • We will communicate with you in plain English with no jargon
  • Our advice is tailored to your demands and needs
  • Our advice will leave you in an informed position to make the right choices

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