Customer Feedback

These are some of our customer’s that found our free advice invaluable and can live today knowing they have safeguarded their future

I started a new business and needed to streamline my pensions. Rob was able to take all my pensions and summarise and plan a good way forward.

Alexander E. – Advised by Rob McMurrich

Rob helped us make sense of the products we had and what we need going forward. He explained things in a way that we could understand and has put our minds at rest.

Sally M. – Advised by Rob McMurrich

Rob was very efficient, friendly and very knowledgeable. I liked the fact that he was independent and also made it easy for me to understand the many financial terms and options available to me.

Michelle G. – Advised by Rob McMurrich

Rob always responded promptly when I contacted him and explained things in a way I understood.

Helen B. – Advised by Rob McMurrich

Rob came up with a plan so that my money would work harder and help me to achieve my desired goal. I honestly don’t think that Rob could have done more I defer to his greater knowledge of what is what.

Peter R. – Advised by Rob McMurrich

Very Good Service!


T. Fitzjohn – Advised by Bojan Cvjetinovic

As a time-poor couple we needed straightforward financial advice on how to achieve it all. Garry has always fitted this bill. Flexible in availability and happy to answer the most basic of questions, he has always been at the end of the phone to talk us through the detail. Patiently. Much thanks to you Garry for getting us through our extension with our sanity intact.

A. Fahey – Advised by Garry Webb

I can’t fault the way I was advised, by which I mean the way I was spoken to, or the information I was given.

G. Burman – Advised by Bojan Cvejtinovic

Very professional, very clear – Thank you

S. Marsh – Advised by Chris Jones