Wraps & Platforms

Financial planning is about creating solutions to satisfy a financial planning need, which generally involves using the characteristics or tax structures of ‘products’.

These products would generally be built by an insurance company or investment company based on certain tax legislation.


For example, people often think of a pension as the source of their income in retirement, when in fact the pension is merely a savings account that has been designed by an insurer to exploit the tax legislation laid down by the government. One of the reasons that we have so many different types of pension is that each successive government likes to make their mark by tinkering with this legislation.


So, having identified a structure that would be suitable, most advisers would then research the market to find which providers had the most appropriate product in terms of cost, flexibility and options. Once the provider had been selected, they might then select the investments from whatever funds that company offered.


Of course, their range may have been great at the time, but they were never going to stay at the top so the next time that you needed to put a new product in place, a different company would be selected.


What makes this worse is that if you need several structures, invariably the most appropriate company for the pension would be different to the most appropriate for the ISA so what you ended up with was a collection of policies with different companies, selected at different times during your life, all with different investment options within them, as illustrated below.


How Roxburgh Financial Management puts you back in control

Our Investment Strategy is designed to un-bundle all of your planning. In other words, we are moving away from talking about pensions, ISAs and investments as separate entities and instead we are focusing on your wider wealth.

The way we do this is to create a single point from which all of your money is managed with a defined, appropriate investment strategy. The illustration below shows how different this is to the old way:


We are able to do this due to the emergence of ‘wraps’ or ‘platforms’ in recent years. These are essentially technology driven arrangements that unifies your money so we can build a portfolio of funds with many specialist investment companies.


At Roxburgh Financial Management we will appoint the best money manager possible to run your funds on a daily basis while leaving us to manage your financial planning, tax, estate management, pension legislation, retirement income needs to give you the confidence you deserve in trusting us with your future.

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