Who we are

Our mission is to simplify the complex world of financial advice. To provide individuals, families, and business owners, peace of mind that by working together we can navigate life’s challenges on your path to financial security.

Roxburgh began life in 2006 as a small team with a big vision – to become one of the leading protection and financial management companies in the UK. Sixteen years later, those visions have now become reality and we are a leading advisory firm specialising in holistic financial planning.

Roxburgh Financial Management is a fully holistic advice business – this is core to our approach. We provide advice to both individuals and companies on all aspects of financial planning, through a long-term approach of fully understanding our clients’ needs, wants and aspirations and then prioritising objectives.

As advisers, our clients benefit from our ability to offer advice on the broadest range of products and services. Whether it is for protection of dependants or your estate, investment advice, retirement planning, inheritance tax planning or simply reducing costs on your mortgage, we have many years of experience in finding the most suitable solution for our clients’ needs.

As with any industry where there is direct contact with the end consumer, service is paramount. We all live busy lives and by having a national presence and leading technology we can work with you in the most suitable format and with the least amount of paperwork and delay. We are approachable and friendly: this is why our clients come back to us time and time again.

Roxburgh Financial Management has built the business around our clients and grown organically, not by simply buying lots of smaller business, we begin each client meeting in the same way and that is with a blank piece of paper. All our advisers address your needs and your specific worries to provide you with a solution which is tailored to give you the best possible outcome.

While you may have simple objectives at outset and require a straightforward protection policy or similar transaction to address your needs; as time goes on and your income grows, or you start a family, or perhaps someone close to you dies, your objectives will change too. Roxburgh is here to support you on that journey every step of the way.

Every client is offered an initial no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs and to give you an indication as to the direction of travel we would likely take. This could lead to highlighting an area of risk in your life that you simply had never thought about. If you wish to take the matter no further, there is nothing ventured nothing gained. However, many of our clients jump at the chance to follow the process through to completion and give themselves peace of mind that their financial future is secure, their families are protected and they are in control.

If you’re unsure what you need then contact us by phone on 0345 434 9505 , or email Enquiries.Roxburgh@sjpp.co.uk, or by clicking here

Five reasons to use us

1. We put our clients’ needs above all else

2. We understand how important these decisions are for you

3. We will communicate with you in plain English with no jargon

4. Our advice is tailored to your demands and needs

5. Our advice will leave you in an informed position to make the right choices

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